Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the TOP 10 questions commonly asked about our services and products.

1. How do I reserve my next party favorite at Stafford Bounce n Play?

After reviewing all the items on this website, call 540-845-6410 and we will build an invoice with your requested items; we will then email you this invoice for your approval.  Please confirm all items requested including date/time for delivery & pickup, location and phone number. The invoice will have a secure link through which to pay the required amount. Credit Card or PayPal is accepted.  Please read this invoice over carefully to ensure its accuracy. Cost for all items are PER DAY, and setup/delivery are included in the total price. Our business hours are 7am to 7pm, and no inflatables are rented overnight.  If your event is outside our business hours, please request an extension.  Depending on location and resources, we "may" be able to accommodate.  Any concerns please call 540-845-6410.

2. Is there a deposit required to reserve Stafford Bounce n Play equipment?

No. Deposits are not required to reserve 'Your Next Party Favorite.'  Payment at delivery is acceptable (cash is preferred).  We believe that when you reserve equipment from us, your "Yes" means "Yes"  (Matthew 5:37) 

3. What if I have to cancel?

Not a problem, just call 540-845-6410 NO LATER THAN 6:00AM THE DAY OF DELIVERY; you will receive a full refund within  24 hours.  In the event of severe weather, Stafford Bounce n Play reserves the right to cancel the delivery. Again, you will receive a full refund.  In the event of a cancellation after we setup at your location, a 20% delivery/cleanup charge will be required.  Please call for any questions regarding this cancellation policy.  We will make every effort to overcome these challenges, just ask any of our previous customers!

4. Do you deliver and set up or offer an attendant?

Absolutely! Stafford Bounce n Play's courteous drivers will deliver and set up each party favorite and ensure that it is clean and in good working condition before your event starts and come back to take it down after the event is over. Set up normally takes about 15-30 minutes per piece, and take down is about the same. This service is included in your rental cost. There is no self pickup or self setup of rentals. For larger events where guests are not all known by the property owner or manager (such as schools, churches, grand openings, or organizational events) a certificate of liability insurance will be provided, please request one. Stafford Bounce n Play will provide an attendant to manage the limits of the inflatables protecting both lessor and lessee from possible mishaps if requested.  The hourly rate for this service is $10.  For all your concerns about bouncies getting picked up in the wind, dont worry... Stafford Bounce n PLay uses two foot-long steel stakes at every corner of a bounce house. We are watching the weather closely and will advise if any concerns arise.  

5. What kind of power is required?

Stafford Bounce n Play rentals plug into a standard 110v household outlet. We will supply extension cords and ask that nothing else be plugged into the outlet we are utilizing.  Placement of the rental should be no more than 100ft from that outlet. We make every effort to not plug multiple cords together for safety and to ensure proper inflation. If you would like us to setup one of our rentals at a park or place without an electrical outlet within 100ft, let us know, and we can arrange to use a generator for an additional charge.

6. What type of surface can an inflatable from Stafford Bounce n Play be placed on?

The safest surface is a level grassy area. However, we can set up on a flat concrete or asphalt surface also. We will make sure we utilize the proper ground covers and anchors for your event to protect you, your guests and our equipment.  Our service also offers (free of charge) a site survey to inform you of the best places to set down an inflatable, just give us a call.

7. Are there special requirements for my yard to set up an inflatable from Stafford Bounce n Play?

The dimensions of each inflatable are displayed by its width, length, and height (ex: 30 x 28 x 15) on the 'Product Rentals' page. Please ensure you have adequate room at your event to place these items. Most inflatables are the size of two U-Haul moving trucks side by side. To protect you, your guests and our inflatables, please make sure the area is mostly level, no trees or power lines touch the equipment, and the area is easy to access. We will need at least 4 feet clearance to maneuver between gates, houses, entrances, etc. If there are stairs or steep hills to get to the location, we may not be able to set up. As a courtesy please clean up after your pet in the area we deliver and avoid cutting grass two days prior to delivery; the grass clippings (and other substances) make for an awful mess.

8. Can I have my event at a park?

Yes. Stafford Bounce n Play equipment is great for parks. Some parks require a special reservation for inflatables. Please ensure your event is authorized with the park prior to delivery. We may request the point of contact with phone number of the park official authorizing an inflatable to be erected. Also, check to see if electricity will be available, if not, we can arrange for a generator for an additional charge.

9. Are inflatables from Stafford Bounce n Play safe?

Yes. Our inflatables and materials are assembled & made in the USA. That said, our inflatables are commercial grade 18.5 oz vinyl, have industrial baffle materials, heavy duty anchors, finger safe netting systems, safety doors and signs, and uses only lead free vinyl. As with any activity involving small children, an adult must supervise children entering and exiting, and must monitor all activities in and around the inflatable at all times.

10. Are you insured?

Yes. Stafford Bounce n Play is independently owned and operated and carries a liability insurance policy. Please note: All individuals and companies that rent from Stafford Bounce n Play are required to sign a liability waiver prior to set up. Our delivery driver will have a waiver with your information ready for signature when we arrive. The waiver must be signed prior to using the inflatable.

11. How much ice and syrup do we need for the snow cone machine?

We found that 10 lbs of ice will make between 20-25 snow cones. We recommend you pick up your favorite flavored syrup from Walmart, Target, or Amazon.  1 quart will make 20 snow cones.  Example: you have 50 people wanting snow cones; pick up 30 lbs of ice and 3 quarts of flavored syrup.  All our concession machines have instructions on them.